Bayleys Ecocup Cups

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  • Available in two sizes: Small (8oz) & Large (12oz)
  • One carton of Small cups contains 1000 units 
  • One carton of Large cups contains 1000 units 
  • Lids sold separately - be sure to choose small or large lids these are no longer universal

Made from plants
Your cups use paper sourced from responsibly managed plantations. The inner lining is made from Ingeo™ bioplastic, a plant-based resin/plastic alternative.

Increased insulation, leak proof & sturdy
Made of thick paperboard to keep hot drinks warmer for longer. Produced in a world-class manufacturing facility your cups go through a strict quality control ensuring your cups are durable and leak-proof.

Better for the environment
Naturally advanced Ingeo™ bioplastic, provides a significantly lower carbon footprint than traditional plastic. This is because the manufacture of Ingeo™ emits up to 80% fewer greenhouse gasses (GHGs) than the comparable manufacture of common polystyrene hot cups. Bayleys cups and lids are certified for commercial composting. This means in a commercial environment, these products will break down in 90 days.